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Parts of a Car: Gas and Fuel

There are lots of parts that make a car move, but none of these moving parts will work without the proper fuel. When it comes to vehicles and fuel, there is much to consider. Little changes will improve gas mileage, and there is always pollution to be concerned about. Happily, it does not take much to improve a car to get more miles out of every gallon of gas, and it is simple to reduce pollution with the right car parts. One can even earn a living as a specialist in car parts who works to improve fuel efficiency and reduce a car's carbon footprint. There are countless resources online that cover this topic; all it takes to use car parts and fuel in a more efficient way is a little research and application of what is learned online

Improve Your Gas Mileage

Fuel Injection

  • 4x4 Tech: Learn more about how the parts of an off-road vehicle work here.
  • MisterFixit's Auto Repair Page: The stories on this page provide information on how to repair common car problems.


  • American Oilman: Click on this link for a comprehensive resource page on the oil and gas industry.
  • Energy Sources and Management: Read the resources here to find out about petroleum drilling.
  • Very Important People: Find out more about important figures in the petroleum industry and others on this page.
  • Oil and Gas Links: This is an excellent page on oil and natural gas that includes a comprehensive directory of sites that focus on petroleum.
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