Rainbow Wildlife Rescue in Little Elm, Texas - lending orphaned wildlife a helping hand
Rainbow Wildlife Rescue, Texas
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Supporting Sponsors and Contributors to the Rainbow Wildlife Rescue


Stephenville Pipe & Trade CO.
Thank you for the posts and fencing!!

Higginbotham Bros. & Co, LTD
Thank you so very much for the building supplies to help us re-build the wildlife rescue!

Durham Trailer Ranch, Weatherford
Thank you for the rubber mats!!

Barns & McCollough
We appreciate the generous donation of lumber and other building material for our enclosures. Thank you!

Boy Scouts and Eagle Scouts of Stephenville
We absolutely love the enclosures the boys built for us. They have saved countless animals from certain death! Thank you all!

Stephenville Museum
Thank you for letting me be part of the Oxford House saga and all your wonderful events!

Literary Lion
Thank you for your support, patience, friendship, guidance and love.

Bruner Motors
Thank you for getting us around!

Taylor Feed Store
Thank you for your continous support and goodies!

Tarleton Wildlife Society
Thanks for the constant and active support!

ARK Veterinary Hospital
Thank you to Dr. Hobbs' and their team for their medical support and advice.

Triple C Pet Resort
Thank you to Liz and John Patterson for their generous support and love for all animals.

Thanks for providing the necessary software to keep this rescue running!

Smilingpages Webdesign and Hosting
Webdesign Donation

Build a Sign
Build a Sign
Thank you for donating the Aluminium Yard Signs !

Sportswear to all
Sportswear For All

Think Geek
stuff for smart masses

(If you have made a contribution and would like your name to be mentioned on this page with your logo and link to your website, provided you have one, please email me at help@rainbowwildlife.com !)


Everyone that donated!

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Rainbow Wildlife Rescue, Texas
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Rainbow Wildlife Rescue, Texas